Bigger Faster Stronger – 2nd Edition

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Bigger Faster Stronger is now bigger and better than ever! This second edition presents the most popular strength training system for today's high school and college athletes. The Author of this Book is Greg Shepard Establish the solid foundation you need to compete successfully and advance your athletic career. Array ISBN . With the second edition of Bigger Faster Stronger, a program that has led teams to over 320 high school state championships, you will -learn the fundamental exercise techniques and drills necessary for developing strength, power, agility, and speed for any sport; -implement a training program that will meet your sport performance needs and modify it to fit your personal goals; -perform, spot, and coach complex performance-optimizing lifts, including the squat, deadlift, power clean, and bench press; -improve speed, agility, and flexibility to complement your power; and -optimize your performance, in the gym or on the field, with nutrition and meal plans for your body's needs. Bigger Faster Stronger – 2nd Edition available in English. During the in-season or off-season, the customizable programs can accommodate any sport, and every level of competition. Based on the latest research, and followed by tens of thousands of the nation's top athletes, Bigger Faster Stronger can elevate your play so you can beat the competition!

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