Automatic Flight Control Systems

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The author of Automatic Flight Control Systems is Latest Developments Thomas Lombaerts, "Automatic Flight Control Systems - Latest Developments" Publisher: InTech | ISBN: 9789533078168, 9533078168 | 2012 | PDF | 204 pages | 10.This title is available at BookMoving on Latest Developments's eBooks, 3 MB The history of flight control is inseparably linked to the history of aviation itself.Automatic Flight Control Systems Textbook, course, ebook, pdf, download at bookmoving Since the early days, the concept of automatic flight control systems has evolved from mechanical control systems to highly advanced automatic fly-by-wire flight control systems which can be found nowadays in military jets and civil airliners. Even today, many research efforts are made for the further development of these flight control systems in various aspects. Recent new developments in this field focus on a wealth of different aspects. This book focuses on a selection of key research areas, such as inertial navigation, control of unmanned aircraft and helicopters, trajectory control of an unmanned space re-entry vehicle, aeroservoelastic control, adaptive flight control, and fault tolerant flight control. This book consists of two major sections. The first section focuses on a literature review and some recent theoretical developments in flight control systems. The second section discusses some concepts of adaptive and fault-tolerant flight control systems. Each technique discussed in this book is illustrated by a relevant example. No Mirrors!!! Uploaded Depositfiles

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