AutoCAD 2004 VBA: A Programmer's Reference

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AutoCAD 2004 VBA: A Programmer's Reference Apress, Joe Sutphin is available to download

AutoCAD 2004 VBA: A Programmer's Reference
Apress, Joe Sutphin
Type: eBook
Released: 2003
Publisher: Apress
Page Count: 752
Format: chm
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1590592727
ISBN-13: 9781590592724

AutoCAD is possibly the best selling CAD software in the world, and while not a Microsoft product, AutoCAD includes Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)&emdash;which allows you to control your programming environment.AutoCAD 2004 VBA: A ... Textbook This book will teach you to run Autodesk design tasks in the embedded VBA environment. And with VBA, you can customize everything you do in AutoCAD 2004!

This comprehensive guide to the AutoCAD VBA language allows you take advantage of VBA in AutoCAD 2004. So if you're new to VBA programming, you will quickly acquire a skill set to work efficiently. Power users will also benefit from this text, which serves as a fast reference to the full AutoCAD object model. The book also discusses connecting to Microsoft Office products like Excel and Word, and using the Win32 API. About the Author Joe Sutphin’s background includes more than 20 years in the machinery manufacturing industry. He has more than 14 years of CAD experience with 8+ years of AutoCAD-specific experience. Joe is an Autodesk Registered Developer, and his work has appeared in the pages of Cadence and Cadalyst magazines. He has been programming for over 10 years, with the last 5 years spent focusing on Visual Basic. In 1998, he collaborated with Microsoft on a Visual Basic application case study.

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