Applied Computational Economics and Finance

Format Post in Economics BY Mario J. Miranda, Paul L. Fackler

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This book presents a variety of computational methods used to solve dynamic problems in economics and finance. The Author of this Book is Mario J. Miranda, Paul L. Fackler It emphasizes practical numerical methods rather than mathematical proofs and focuses on techniques that apply directly to economic analyses. Array ISBN . The examples are drawn from a wide range of subspecialties of economics and finance, with particular emphasis on problems in agricultural and resource economics, macroeconomics, and finance. Applied Computational Economics and Finance available in English. The book also provides an extensive Web-site library of computer utilities and demonstration programs.The book is divided into two parts. The first part develops basic numerical methods, including linear and nonlinear equation methods, complementarity methods, finite-dimensional optimization, numerical integration and differentiation, and function approximation. The second part presents methods for solving dynamic stochastic models in economics and finance, including dynamic programming, rational expectations, and arbitrage pricing models in discrete and continuous time. The book uses MATLAB to illustrate the algorithms and includes a utilities toolbox to help readers develop their own computational economics applications.

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