Advances in Electronic Marketing

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Advances in Electronic Marketing
Iii Clarke, Irvine, Theresa B.Advances in Electronic Marketing Textbook Flaherty
Type: eBook
Released: 2005
Publisher: IGI Global
Page Count: 337
Format: pdf
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1591403219
ISBN-13: 9781591403210
There are many challenges facing organizations today as they incorporate electronic marketing methods into their strategy. Advances in Electronic Marketing examines these challenges within three major themes: the global environment, the strategic/technological realm, and the buyer behavior of online consumers. Each chapter raises important issues, practical applications, and relevant solutions for the electronic marketer. Advances in Electronic Marketing not only addresses Internet marketing and the World Wide Web, but also other electronic marketing tools, such as geographic information systems, database marketing, and mobile advertising. This book provides researchers and practitioners with an updated source of knowledge on electronic marketing methods. About the Author Dr. Irvine Clarke III is an Associate Professor of Marketing at James Madison University teaching International Marketing and Marketing Management. He received his B.S.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Richmond and his M.B.A. and Ph.D. from Old Dominion University. Prior to joining JMU, he held the Freede Endowed Professorship of Teaching Excellence at Oklahoma City University. His current research, in international marketing and marketing technology, has been published in the Journal of International Marketing, International Marketing Review, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Education, Marketing Education Review, Journal of Internet Commerce, and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Dr. Clarke has taught at locations in Canada, England, France, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore and the People's Republic of China. He has 15 years of public and private sector organizational experience in various marketing areas. He currently serves on the editorial review boards of International Marketing Review, Journal of Marketing Education, Health Marketing Quarterly; also serving as section editor for Marketing Education Review and abstracts editor for The Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management. Dr. Theresa B. Flaherty is an Associate Professor of Marketing at James Madison University where she teaches Strategic Internet Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications. Prior to this position, she was an Assistant Professor of Marketing and a member of the e-commerce faculty at Old Dominion University. She also taught marketing management and marketing research classes at the University of Kentucky where she earned her Ph.D. Dr. Flaherty, a Certified eMarketing Associate, has work experience at JBI Customized Computer Solutions, California University of Pennsylvania's Entrepreneurial Assistance Center and Mon Valley Renaissance Program, IBM, and Service Corporation International. Dr. Flaherty has appeared in journals such as The Journal of Internet Commerce, Industrial Marketing Management, International Marketing Review, The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Central Business Review, and The Journal of Marketing Education. Dr. Flaherty serves as the Society for Marketing Advances Director of Placement Services, Peer Reviewer for MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching), and is the Principles of Marketing Section Editor for The Electronic Teaching Resources of Marketing Education Review.

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